Explaining some of the terms I am using concerning the different types of prints

Giclee Prints available to formats up to size A1 (84.1 cm x 59.4 cm, i.e. 16 x 12 in).


A giclee print (giclée being a French term, pronounced "gee-clay" which means to spray or squirt).  The prints I provide are made on photographic paper of 200 gsm or 310 gsm.  This process allows the enlargement of a painting whilst preserving all its tonalities and hues.  No screen or other mechanical devices are used, which prevents any dot screen pattern to be visible.    

These prints are then framed and mounted.



Canvas Prints available to formats up to A2 (59.4 cm x 42 cm, i.e. 24 x 16 in).


A canvas print is the replication of a painting printed on high quality stretched canvas to a matt finish. The canvas is resistant to water damage, sun damage, scratches or fingerprints and will not flake or crack over time.  There is no framing required.



Floater Frames available to formats up to size A1 (84.1 cm x 59.4 cm, i.e. 16 x 12 in)


They create the illusion that the artwork "floats" within the frame, rather than be covered by it.  Contrary to the canvas prints, the prints mounted in floater frames have a glossy finish but are equally as resistant to any damages mentioned above.

I have chosen the following example to show you what a floater frame looks like:

Example of a Floater Frame
Autumn Foliage - Print of Original Encaustic Wax Painting - by Anne Berendt
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    Margaret Evelyn (Friday, 02 March 2018 11:40)

    Well done, Anne !
    Brilliant selection of your work ! You deserve it !